Defense - Organic Turkey Tail 10:1 Extract for Gut Health and Immune Support - Available in 4 sizes: 75, 125, 250 and 375 grams. Hemp Bag included.

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Key Benefits:

  • Contains potent immunomodulators
  • Excellent source of cellular nutrients and myconutrients
  • Contains PSP and PSK
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant-rich mushroom is known for supporting immune health, gut health, and liver health
  • Helps support fatigue, nausea, appetite, pain, and reduction and prevention of tumor development
  • Currently, an increasing amount of scientific research is being conducted into the healthful benefits of turkey tail mushrooms. Click here to visit our "Turkey Tail Mushroom" page for more information on these studies.

Servings per container:

Mógū extracts can be mixed into anything! Teas, coffees, smoothies, juices, and/or as an extra ingredient in soups, salads, oatmeal, etc. If cooked, do not exceed boiling temperatures. Higher than boiling temperatures can dilute the medicinal compounds.

Mógū recommends a minimum of 2.5 grams a day (about 1 teaspoon). For optimal effects and to reflect the dosage given in research studies, Mógū recommends a daily dosage of 5 grams.

We offer 4 different sizes:
75 grams (30 Servings @ 2.5 grams per serving a day) 
125 grams (50 Servings @ 2.5 grams per serving a day) 
250 grams (100 Servings @ 2.5 grams per serving a day) 
375 grams (150 Servings @ 2.5 grams per serving a day) 

Choose-Your-Own Mushroom Dosing Schedule:

For your reference, we include instructions for dosing in our packaging. Mushrooms are adaptogenic. To prevent changes in tolerance over time, choose a dosing schedule below that best suits you:

1. Weekdays on, weekends off (recommended)

2. Every other day (every 2 days)

3. 3 weeks on, 1 week off


View our Turkey Tail mushroom grow plates below! Ready to harvest for extraction!

Discover the Power of Nature with Turkey Tail Mushrooms! Harnessing centuries of traditional use and backed by scientific research, our premium turkey tail mushrooms offer a wide array of functional benefits. Boost your immune system, promote vitality, and support overall well-being with the potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and immune-boosting properties found in our carefully harvested and expertly crafted turkey tail mushroom products. Experience the natural wonders of this remarkable fungi, trusted by health-conscious individuals seeking a holistic approach to wellness. Unlock the potential of turkey tail mushrooms and embrace a healthier, vibrant life today!

Additional Information
Choose Size:

75 grams = 2.645 oz (30 servings), 125 grams = 4.41 oz (50 servings), 250 grams = 8.82 oz (100 servings), 375 grams = 13.23 oz (150 servings)


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