Reishi and its Activity Against Diseases

Agents that enhance the functioning of the host immune system could be expected to enhance health in terms of improved resistance and, thus, removal of malignant or premalignant cells.

There is considerable evidence to support the immunostimulating activities of Reishi via induction of cytokines and enhancement of immunological effector. (1) White blood cells (lymphocytes) protect the body against infectious disease and foreign invaders. Different components from Reishi were proved to enhance the proliferation and maturation of T and B lymphocytes, splenic mononuclear cells, NK cells, and dendritic cells in culture (in vitro) and in animal studies (in vivo). (2)(3) These are versatile cells presenting antigens as scavengers, a crucial role in initiating an immune response. They rid the body of worn-out cells and other debris. 

In Guangzhou, China, a human clinical study monitored the immune response in 47 patients with advanced colorectal cancer that were given Reishi extract at 5.4 grams/day for 12 weeks. In 41 assessable cancer patients, the extract was able to significantly increase the number of white blood cells in those with colorectal cancer. The results indicate that Reishi have potential immuno-modulating effect, considering significant effects were shown in 87% of the cancer patients examined. (4)

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