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Mógū Mushrooms is your trusted source for high-quality mushroom wholesale. We offer a diverse selection of potent mushroom products to help your business thrive in the growing wellness market.

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Raw Materials

22:1 Organic Extracts

  • Lion's Mane Extract: $270.00/k
  • Reishi Extract: $230.00/k
  • Chaga Extract: $227.00/k
  • Cordyceps m. Extract: Price Upon Request
  • Tiger Milk: $400.00/k
  • Tremella: $262.80/k
  • Turkey Tail: $230.00/k (Regular) / $290.00/k (Dual Extract)

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Mushroom Wholesale Tins

  • Chaga $16.50
  • Cordyceps $16.50
  • Cordy-Lion's Mane $16.50
  • Maitake $16.50
  • Neuro Fuel (Lion's Mane)
  • Reishi $17.50
  • Snow Fungus/Tremella fuciformis $16.50
  • Synergy (6-Mushroom Formula) $16.50
  • Turkey Tail $16.50
  • Mogu Mix (9-Mushroom Blend) $16.50

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*Minimum Order Quantity: 50

A collection of chaga mushrooms, mushroom extract, and a water-soluble mixture. Mógū Mushrooms offers high quality wholesale mushroom extracts like chaga and lion's mane.

Hot Water Mushroom Extracts

We offer hot water mushroom extract, unless otherwise denoted.
A person receiving a shipment of Mógū Mushrooms for free. Customers of Mógū Mushrooms get free shipping when ordering wholesale mushrooms extracts.

Free Shipping

We offer Free Shipping for all Domestic Orders.
An image showing custom hot water mushroom extract powders separated before being blended. Mógū Mushrooms offers custom blends for wholesale mushroom customers.

Custom Blends

Custom Blends are available upon request.

Wholesale Inquiries

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