Mushroom Bundle of 3 - Lion's Mane Hot water Extract / Lion's Mane Alcohol Extract / 5 Mushroom Formula (Reishi-Turkey Tail-Cordyceps-Chaga-Maitake) - 100 Grams each / 300 Grams total. Includes Hemp Bag

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1) Lion's Mane "Equilibrium" Hot Water Extract is exactly what it sounds like - using hot water to dissolve water-soluble ingredients from Lion's Mane mushrooms. Hot-water extraction is a traditional extraction procedure that activates complex polysaccharides, including high contents of beta-glucans, that provide many gastrointestinal (GI) benefits, serving as a prebiotic and tonic for the stomach, as well as supporting the immune system.

2) Lion's Mane "Neuro-fuel" helps boost memory and cognitive function by improving the growth rate of new nerve cells, the development of synapses between neurons, and survival of neurons. Lion's Mane "Neuro-fuel" includes both the fruiting bodies and mycelium of Lion's Mane, using a 12:1 double extraction method (including alcohol) which causes the alcohol-soluble compounds to separate from the Lion's Mane mushroom. Terpenes hericenones (found in the fruiting bodies) and erinacines (found in the mycelium) of Lion's Mane are directly responsible for enhancing memory and cognitive function by improving Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and neurogenesis.

3) Mógū "Synergy" contains high concentration extracts from 5 mushrooms: Reishi, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Maitake and Chaga. This formula was made using a 10:1 Hot water extraction procedure using 100% fruiting bodies of raw whole mushrooms (no additives/fillers). Our 10:1 ratio means it takes 10 kilos of whole dried mushrooms to produce 1 kilo of extract making the product 10 times more concentrated and 10 times more potent than the raw whole mushroom.

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